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The Umbrella is dedicated to bringing together the familiar and the foreign. An outward extension of the body simultaneously both joining and dividing our selves from our environment. It provides the ability to experience the rain and not get wet.



The Umbrella’s first compilation album, G.O.D. Vol 1, intends to dissolve the line between artist and consumer; the worshipped and the worshipper. The record carefully selects a combination of unreleased tracks and original compositions from both seasoned veterans and undiscovered artists and places them on the same plane.


Download the G.O.D. Vol 1 compilation here:

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Stream G.O.D. Vol. 1 right here.

G.O.D. Vol 1 Contributors:

Ariel Black
Blacky II
Cameron Traxx
Dinamo Azari
Krystal Klear
Luka Tacon
Pale Blue
Parris Mitchell
Tom Snares



The Umbrella’s first immersive event, G.O.D. Vol 1, intends to dissolve the line between performer and spectator; the guru and the devotee. Through a series of devices the focus of the party will be shifted from a single point to a broader sense of awareness. Special Live Performance by Jamie Principle


Premiering in Brooklyn on
Friday, March 4th




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